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Bloody Grigor  
Recipe Number: 119
Contributor: Azat Aslanyan
Rating: 8.00 based on 2 votes
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Serves: 1
Calories Per Serving: NA
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
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1 qt. can Tomato juice
1 qt. can V-8 juice
1 can Beef broth
5oz. Worcestershire sauce
3oz. Hot Sauce (Texas Pete or similar)
2 pinches Celery powder
Plenty Vodka, of choice
Cooking Instructions:
Mix all ingredients except the vodka. This is the mixer base. Letting it stand for a little while will make it better.

You call the proportions but I tend to go 1/3 vodka and 2/3 mixer base. This is a hearty drink.

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