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Turkey Burger ala Seapahn  
Recipe Number: 151
Contributor: Seapahn
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Serves: NA
Calories Per Serving: NA
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
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Frozen turkey burger patties
frozen potato pancakes
salad stuff in a bag
tortilla bread
crunchy sour krout that comes in a jar
grated cheese
sliced cheese of your choice
Sriracha hot sauce
Cooking Instructions:
Required equipment: George Forman Grill (any size)

Directions: Turn on the gril and put the frozen turkey burger patty and the potato pancake on the gril. If they don't fit side by side, microwave the potato pancake until the turkey burger starts getting smaller (oh it will, trust me). Then put side by side.

While that's cooking, fire up the stove and throw the round tortila bread on a pan (no oil no nothing) and toast it a bit. Sprinkle the grated cheese on the bread until it starts to melt. You don't want the bread to over toast at this point. Take off the fire and put on paper plate.

Turkey burger should be about ready now (~5 mins passed). Put on bread and slap on the slice of cheese (preferably monterey jack). Put some of that crunchy sour krout on the gril where the burger patty was. Pour ketchup and mustard on the cheese slice and a few drops of the Sriracha. Place potato pancake on top and give it more ketchup. Now it's time to sprinke your salad stuff on there and if you want pickles or what not. Top off with the grilled sour krout. Fold everything together.

Fire up the pan once again and place burger on there ... give it another 30 seconds or so until the tortilla is nice and redish brown and crunchy on all sides.

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