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Beet salad Napoleon  
Recipe Number: 192
Contributor: Azat Aslanyan
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Serves: 8
Calories Per Serving: 0
Preparation Time: 45 Min
Difficulty: Easy
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1 sheets of puff pastery(large 12X12 inches)
1 egg
3 medium beets
12 ounces of soft goat cheese
1 pack of baby greens(I think 12 oz)(make sure they have arugula in them)
salt & pepper
Aged balsamic vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the puff pastery to 4X4 squares. Preheat the oven to 350. Brush beaten egg on the puff pastery squares and put them on a non stick pan in the oven until they raise and are golden brown. (side note: You should never let the puff pastery soften/defrost as it will not raise as the butter inside the many sheets will be absorbed by the dough. When frozen or very cold eh butter stays between the sheets and the steam from it creates all the air pockets in the puff pastery.)

While the puff pastery is cooking, peal and boil the beets until done(I like it a bit on the raw side). Julian the beets and mix them with the baby greens. Add the olive oil, and balsamic vinegar to your liking. Salt and pepper to taste.

By this time the puff pastery has been out of the oven and has cooled down. Break the puff pastery in half horizontally, using a knife to assist you. Put the bottom half on a plate. fill the top of it with small amount of the salad and the top half on the top of the salad. Top it off with a teaspoon of goat cheese. Drizzle very little amount of the aged(10-20 year old) balsamic syrup on top of the whole thing.
Additional Comments:
You may modify this recipe to not have the salas or not have the goat cheese.

Here is a pic of one I made this weekend

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